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Learn more about iPad Applications and make learning fun (while taking breaks from the heat!)! Apps of all developmental levels and several to be enjoyed by deaf and blind children as well! Learn more »

More Resonance Boards now available! If interested please contact us!

Resonance Board Delivery to Richardson ISD

Resonance Board Delivery to Richardson ISD

Meet Walter P. Walter is three and Deaf-Blind. He attends school in the Richardson, Texas School District. The Lily Voelkel Foundation, with the help of Mrs. Mary Ann Siller in the district, delivered a resonance board to Walter to use during school therapy. Also pictured here with the resonance board is Mrs. Kathi Simmons, Walter's pre-school teacher. Walter is enjoying his board and we are happy to continue offering these boards to any who can benefit from them. Please contact us if you know of someone in need.

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The Lily Voelkel Foundation was created because of the love, courage, and strength of one little girl – Lily Korinne Voelkel. Little that is... only in size – but not in determination. Lily has defeated the odds time and time again. She has fought this culprit called CHARGE Syndrome and continued to battle new medical complications everyday.

Just imagine it. What if you couldn’t hear but could see. You couldn’t see but could hear. What’s worse? Losing sight or sound? What if you couldn’t see or hear at all or not well? Now… add to that many medical complications – some known – some puzzling… Fighting every day to move just an inch forward. Welcome to the world of Lily Voelkel.

Life is a miracle. Life is amazing if you seize opportunity…if you make meaning out of your experiences…if you grow, learn and give back to others.

Please join us in our efforts to making strides for CHARGE Syndrome and deaf-blind awareness and education.

Whether it’s a donation of time or money, the Lily Voelkel Foundation needs you. Please join us – make a difference – help us Take Charge of CHARGE!