charge_sign_0.jpgCHARGE Syndrome  is a complex genetic condition seen in about 1 in 10,000 births. A diagnosis of CHARGE is made using major and minor clinical features or by finding a mutation in the CHD7 gene. It is sporadic with no other affected family members

C - Coloboma of the eye
H - Heart defects
A - Atresia of the choanae
R - Retardation of growth and/or development
G - Genital and/or uriniary abnormalities
E - Ear abnormalities and deafness

CHARGE is medically and developmentally one of the most complex conditions known – children with CHARGE are also likely to be amongst the most truly ‘multi sensory’ impaired people you’ll ever meet.

There’s no other identified sub-group with a population of people with multi-sensory impairment who have so many medical problems of such complexity and severity, and with so many hidden difficulties yet they rise above this.


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