Mom and Lily Voelkel100% of your donation is tax deductible. The Lily Voelkel Foundation is a 501c(3) Nonprofit.

***Donations can be made online via PayPal or with Credit Card.

For those that don't want to use PayPal or make a donation via Credit Card online please send checks to:

Lily Voelkel Foundation
4662 Stony Brook
College Station TX 77845

Other donations are also accepted and range from cash or toys and development/educational items to vehichles/boats/real estate/corporate stock or other items. If it has value the foundation can make use of it to help the cause.

We will mail a reciept to you if you provide a mailing address.

Please join us in our efforts to making strides for CHARGE Syndrome and deaf-blind awareness and education.

Whether it’s a donation of time or money, the Lily Voelkel Foundation needs you. Please join us – make a difference – help us Take charge of CHARGE!

There will be new events added to the calendar for opportunities to donate or volunteer. In addition, there are other opportunities listed below.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for the Foundation or are interested in any of the opportunities below, please click on “Contact us”... someone will be in touch in a timely manner.

Thank you for your time!


  1. Corporate Sponsors - Share the Lily Voelkel Foundation and our cause with your corporation and friends
  2. Media contacts – share your network and help spread awareness of CHARGE and the Lily Voelkel Foundation by sending out the web link to this site
  3. Providing monetary support to the Lily Voelkel Foundation so that we may allocate funds for various programs, families, and to support the National  CHARGE Syndrome Foundation for much needed research and awareness – also for the Texas CHARGERS group – Texas-based CHARGE Syndrome Families
  4. You may also volunteer to provide meals, supplies, or other items through the Lily Voelkel Foundation to support the Ronald McDonald House at Children's Memorial Hermann, Texas Medical Center. Just contact us and we will help you donate your time or resources.
  5. Providing money and/or resources to the “Child Life” program at Children's Memorial Hermann, Texas Medical Center
  6. Lily Voelkel Foundation ‘Wish List” – building opportunities/experiences for chronically ill kids/ CHARGE Kids. This is a simple and compelling program we expect to grow exponentially. Simply put- we are going to find local opportunities for vent dependent and other chronically ill children and families to enjoy local attractions, special events, and one of a kind experiences that these children can currently only dream about because of lack of awareness, funding, or focus.
  7. Christi and Tyson are willing to speak to your organization, church, leadership team to increase awareness about many topics and the constant struggle to keep life in "balance" during difficult times. Just contact us and we can make arrangements.
  8. November 2011 “Change for CHARGE” --fundraiser in conjunction with Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets prior to and after the traditional Thanksgiving Day game against the University of Texas.

For any of the above-mentioned opportunities, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them in detail.