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Lilliworks Active Learning Foundation
provides guidance, resources and tools of active learning for development of those with blindness, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, deafblindness and other significant disabilities.

Braille Institute

Braille Institute

  • Sign up to receive the Braille Special Collection for Kids – Begin your own home Braille Library at no cost – call 1-800-BRAILLE
  • The Braille Institute also does transcription and embossing of all printed text to Braille . Call 1-800-BRAILLE and ask for Braille Publishing

20 Stay Put Activities for developmentally young children with sensory impairments and other special needs

Have an iPhone or iPad? Here are some Mobile Apps for Visually Impaired:

  • Vision Sim Download – found at www.brailleinstitute.org
  • FREE Baby Finger App – just search by “Baby Finger” and download

New resource offered through the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
CHARGE Syndrome is a complex condition that requires the constant education, advocacy, and diligence of the parents or guardians; yet this ongoing support for their children often leaves them depleted and in need of support themselves.

The Jewish Guild for the Blind through their National Tele-Support Network for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments will now be sponsoring a weekly telpehone support group for parents and guardians of children with CHARGE. The group will be facilitated by Sheri Stagner, MA, EdM, the Director of Outreach for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.

If you would like to join or simply want information, please call Sheri Stagner at the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation at 1-855-5CHARGE.

Sing Language On-Line Resources